Sue Blacker on the unique characteristics of breed wool


WOVEMBER would be nothing without the knowledge and support of our honorary member of  TEAM WOVEMBER, SUE BLACKER and we are delighted that she has agreed to write some more this year!

Given that the KnitBritish Breed Swatch-along is running alongside WOVEMBER this year and that participants are discovering such a lot about the characteristics of wool – which goes way beyond the initial hand-squish-grab of the ball in the shop – LOUISE was keen to ask Sue about her favourite single-breed yarns which are worth swatching to discover their qualities and longevity as a knitted fabric.

sue and gotland [BY pic) Sue with her Gotland sheep This WOVEMBER people are participating the the Breed Swatch-along and are looking beyond the thoughts of the initial feel to discover the individual characteristics of each breed wool. By test driving swatches and repeating the wash, block and wear process we are discovering how the wool fabric changes, what it…

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