Wovember Words: James Rebanks on Shearing Sheep


Today’s WOVEMBER WORDS come from James Rebanks whom many of you may know on Twitter as @herdyshepherd1. TEAM WOVEMBER have been following James for years now and his Twitter feed is surprising, delightful, educational and real. James published a book this year entitled ‘The Shepherd’s Life‘ which has been extremely well-received for its engaging depiction of life as a shepherd in the Lake District. Today for Harvesting Wool we share a section in which James describes the work involved in shearing sheep.

Dad’s T-shirt is wet with sweat. He straightens his back occasionally as if it aches. He catches the sheep from a pen, and turns it with a twist of the neck over her leg, on to its bum. A hand reaches up and pulls the shining rope that starts the…

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