Friday Night Vi-EWE-ing – when ‘wool’ isn’t wool


As is evident from all of today’s WOVEMBER posts, one of the core aims here is to recognise that the word WOOL refers to the fibre, yarn or fabric derived from the fleece of THE SHEEP; it does not refer to the fleece of other animals nor to fibres derived from petrochemicals or plants.  Tonight’s Friday Night Vi-EWE-ing illustrates the mis-use of the term wool with some fantastic examples from British Pathé. Louise investigates.

As a child my mam and nannie were machine knitters and I grew up surrounded by a lot of wool, but in reality it was not wool.  For the most part it was acrylic yarn, or a blend of wool and acrylic, often referred to as “Scotch”.  I am not quite sure how old I was when I realised that wool and yarn were two different things.

Of course, now I am patently aware that wool…

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